The Polish-American Board of Education of Berks County, Pennsylvania (“PABE”) is supported mainly by endowments created by generous financial contributions and gifts from outstanding members of the Polish-American community in Berks County, PA. These endowments provide for the scholarship monies given out each year, as well as for covering the minimal operating expenses of the organization. All work for the organization is volunteer; no one gets paid or receives a salary/stipend for his/her work in maintaining and promoting the activities of Polish-American Board of Education of Berks County.

If you or someone you know would like to donate to PABE, either as a tax-deductible charitable contribution (PABE is 501(c) organization), or as part of a memorial bequest, please contact any of the officers listed on the contacts page for more information. We will be glad to assist you in providing for the future success of PABE and Polish-American youth in Berks County.