The Board of Directors of the Polish-American Board of Education of Berks County (PABEBC), Pennsylvania, are pleased to announce the following scholarships to be awarded in 2021:

  • $ 4,000 – PABE Berks County and Ed Yakubosky Scholarship           
  • $ 2,000 – Walter Bialas Scholarship                                                       
  • $ 2,000 – Mary Oziemkiewicz Scholarship                                            
  • $ 1,000 – Jess Cwiklinski Scholarship                                                     
  • $ 1,000 – Louise Palka Futrick Scholarship                                          
  • $ 1,000 – Dr. Edmund F. Gallman Scholarship                                     
  • $ 1,000 – Stella M. Hendel Scholarship                                                  
  • $ 1,000 – Stanley B. Lewandowski Scholarship                                    
  • $ 1,000 – Frank Macey Scholarship                                                       
  • $ 1,000 – Polish-American Political Association Scholarship            
  • $ 1,000 – Leon and Stella Zerkowski Scholarship                                
  • Polish-American Heritage Association of Berks County  – $ 1,000 *this scholarship is sponsored by and paid for by the Polish American Heritage Association of Berks County (see below)

Scholarship application forms and guidelines will be available in the office of the Guidance Counselor in all Berks County high schools or in the link below.  Completed application forms are due no later than Saturday, April 10, 2021, to our Scholarship Secretary, Ms. Sandy Lubas Hummel, at 115 Watercress Drive, Birdsboro PA  19508.  Questions may be directed to Ms. Hummel, at 610-207-7065 or at

Please note:  Because of COVID and changes in school operating hours, please don’t wait to gather your information as only completed documents and information will be accepted by the deadline date of April 21, 2021.

Forms and Rules for this scholarship are available at: 



Additionally, we are pleased to announce that the Polish-American Heritage Association of Berks County will again partner with PABEBC and award a $1,000 scholarship to a Berks County high school senior of Polish-American descent. For this scholarship, students are asked to submit a project on Polish history, culture and/or traditions. Students are encouraged to explore their Polish heritage and “think outside the box.”

This scholarship is separate from those awarded by PABEBC.

Scholarship application forms and guidelines for this scholarship will be available in the office of the Guidance Counselor in all Berks County high schools or in the link below.  Completed application forms are due no later than Sunday, March 7, 2021, to our Scholarship Secretary, Ms. Sandy Lubas Hummel, at 115 Watercress Drive, Birdsboro PA  19508.  Questions may be directed to Ms. Hummel, at 610-207-7065 or at

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Ron Savitski, PABEBC Scholarship Chairperson, has announced the following Berks County High School seniors of Polish descent as recipients of 2020 scholarship awards:

$2,000 Leon and Stella Zerkowski Scholarship – Colin G. Barnett (Zalegowski), Governor Mifflin High School

$2,000 Dr. Edmund F. Gallman Scholarship – Rowan L. Datko (Ciesielski), Exeter Township Senior High School

$2,000 Jess Cwiklinski Scholarship – Felicity R. Firestone (Skoraszewski), Berks Catholic High School

$2,000 Stella M. Hendel Scholarship – Abriel A. Franckowiak, Oley Valley High School

$2,000 Stanley B. Lewandowski Scholarship – Eva S. Plichta, Conrad Weiser High School

$2,000 Walter Bialas Scholarship – Carolyn M. Pitorak, Wilson High School

$2,000 Mary Oziemkiewicz Scholarship – Paige A. Progansky, Governor Mifflin High School

$2,000 Polish-American Citizens Political Association Scholarship – Kathryn E. Ziolkowski, Wyomissing Area Jr/Sr High School

The Polish American Heritage Association of Berks County project scholarship winner to be determined at a later date.

All PABEBC scholarships are funded by generous donations of former scholarship recipients, general donations from the Polish-American community and the unselfish work of the many volunteers who have given their time, treasure and energy to continue to fund the scholarship awards.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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During 2020, PABEBC will celebrate 75 years of helping Berks County students of Polish-American descent with their college expenses. Special thanks to the leaders of the Berks County Polish-American organizations for having the foresight to create this remarkable program that has benefited 371 students by awarding them nearly $700,000 in financial assitance. This scholarship program has helped to make college and career dreams come true and has lessened the financial burden on many families. We have seen the program to help shape the careers of business professionals, doctors, musicians, scientists, educators, and performers as well as many other career paths.

In conjunction with the anniversary celebration, the PABEBC Board would like to invite all of our past scholarship recipients to attend a reunion to be held with the annual scholarship awards dinner on Saturday, April 25, 2020, at the Inn of Reading. If you know a scholarship recipient please share this invitation with them and ask them to mark the date of their calendar and plan to attend. In addition, we are requesting that they complete our SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT UPDATE FORM which can be found on our 75th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION INFORMATION tab on this website. Our current Board Members would like to catch up with our former scholarship recipients to find out what has been happening in their lives since they were awarded our scholarships. Sandy Lubas Hummel, our Scholarship Secretary Elect, will be available to answer any questions in regard to this form at 610-207-7065 or email

Initially, our local Polish organizations provided funds to sponsor the scholarship award of $1,000, while the function of PABEBC was to administer them. However, over the years the responsibility of acquiring the necessary funds to continue funding the scholarship program has become a function of the members of PABEBC. In December of 1982, a gift from the 1949 scholarship recipient, Theodore R. Stanely, jump started the PABEBC scholarship program. Mr. Stanely established a memorial scholarship in memory of his grandmother, Mary Oziemkiewicz. Over the years, we have been blessed with many more thoughtful members and friends of the organization who have donated to the scholarship fund. Most recently, the late Frank F. Macey donated $8,544.37 to PABEBC in his Will and Elleena Kirkland Tessier donated $1,000 toward a 2020 scholarship to be awarded in memory of long time PABEBC supporter, the late Jess “Mrs. C” Cwisklinski. For the kindness of all our supports, we give our heartfelt thanks.

Although the names of our officers and members have changed through the years, we will continue with the same enthusiasm as our founders. With the financial support of our present and new members we will continue to award scholarships to Berks County students of Polish descent.

Thank you!

Mary Ann Zerkowski, President – Polish-American Board of Education of Berks County

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2019 Scholarship Winners

2019 Winners

2019 Scholarship Winners

The Polish American Board of Education of Berks County PA would like to congratulate the following winners for 2019:

Walter Bialas Scholarship – $6,000.00

Ms. Lydia S. Bednarczyk

Attends Tulpehocken Jr/Sr High School

Parents;  Joseph and Sheila Bednarczyk


Mary Oziemkiewicz Memorial Scholarship – $5,000.00

Mr. Matthew S. Dybowski

Attends Fleetwood Area High School

Parents;  Stephen and Sherry Dybowski


Walter Bialas Scholarship – $4,000.00

Mr. James C. Hornickle

Attends Berks Catholic High School

Parents;  David and Maria (Wojcik) Hornickle


Polish American Board of Education Scholarship – $2,000.00

Mr. Samuel A. Swestock

Attends Exeter Township Senior High School

Parents: John and Donna Swestock


Jess Cwiklinski Scholarship – $2,000.00.

Mr. Benjamin M. Terefenko

Attends Wyomissing Area Junior/ Senior High School

Parents;  Kevin and Christi Terefenko


Stanley B. Lewandowski Scholarship – $2,000.00

Mr. Wyatt G. Kriebel

Attends Governor Mifflin High School

Parents; David and Tammy Kriebel


Stella M. Hendel Scholarship – $2,000.00

Mr. Cameron S. Heckman

Attends:  Wilson Senior High School

Parents; Michael and Cheryl (Traczuk) Heckman


Dr. Edmund F. Gallman, Jr. Scholarship – $1,000.00

Mr. Matthew G. Brown

Attends Governor Mifflin High School

Parents;  Gene and Margaret (Wojtys) Brown


Polish-American Citizens Political Assn. Scholarship – $1,000.00

Mr. Kamil A. Karpiak

Attends Daniel Boone Area High School

Parents:  Piotr and Katarzyna Karpiak


Leon and Stella Zerkowski Scholarship – $1,000.00

Ms. Cassidy C. Vangeri

Attends  Exeter Township Senior High School

Parents; Steven and Kathleen (Trygar) Vangeri


Polish American Heritage Assn. Polonia Project Scholarship – $1,000.00

Ms. Corrine Mammarella

Attends Brandywine Heights High School

Parents: Christopher and Anita (Novak) Mammarella


PABE wishes the winners the best as they enter into their college careers, and also thank you to all who applied, there were many outstanding applications.

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Announcing $27,000.00 in Scholarships to be Awarded in 2019 to Berks County Seniors

The following scholarships totaling $27,000.00 will be awarded
to Berks County graduating seniors in 2019:

Walter Bialas Scholarship Award $6,000.00
Mary Oziemkiewicz Scholarship Award $5,000.00
Walter Bialas Scholarship Award $4,000.00
Polish American Board of Education Scholarship Award $2,000.000
Jess Cwiklinski Scholarship Award $$2,000.00
Stanley B. Lewandowski Scholarship Award $2.000.00
Stella Hendel Scholarship Award $2,000.00
Dr. Edmund F. Gallman, Jr. Scholarship Award $1,000.00
Polish American Citizens Political Association Award $1,000.00
Polish American Heritage Association Award $1,000.00
Stella and Leon Zerkowski Scholarship Award $1,,000.00

The deadline for submission of scholarship applications is Saturday March 30th, 2019.

Please see the application instructions page for further details on how to apply.

Thank you to all of our generous donors!

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New Polish Music Site

Hey everyone. I cannot verify if this site is good or bad or what, but it seems legit to me. Here is an email I received from the owner:

Greetings from Polonia Music!

I am writing to introduce you to my new website,
A few months ago while playing the guitar, I decided I’d like to build a website that provided the chords and lyrics for the kolędy I enjoyed singing years ago as a choir boy at St. Stanislaus Parish in Buffalo, N.Y. I surmised there must be others who would enjoy picking and strumming our beautiful Polish melodies and possibly even performing them for their friends and family if they had the chords. From personal experience, I know this is a wonderful way to keep Polish music alive within families where the Polish language is no longer spoken and Polish traditions are slipping away.
Before I knew it, one thing led to another, and I found myself delving into other aspects of Polish music that I thought my own grandchildren should be aware of. is a work in progress and I am not an expert in anything. Certainly it is as yet far from being an exhaustive resource for anyone having even a casual interest in Polish music – but it’s a start, and from my point of view, an exciting adventure.
I welcome your input and, if you feel Polonia Music’s goals are consistent with yours, would welcome your forwarding this message and linking your organization’s website to mine. Some of you have already been kind enough to write me and express your support, and have provided much needed guidance. Thank you so very much.
Thank you also for taking the time to read this message. If you don’t know me, my photo is at the bottom of my website’s home page, so please say hello if you see me at any upcoming events.
Best wishes,
Bob Johnson
P.S. Please feel free to inform me of any events you would like promoted or listed on the Polonia Music Links/Events page.

As always with everything on the internet, buyer beware! Have a look, tell us what you think if you ever do business with him/them.

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