Every Spring, the Polish American Board of Education of Berks County (“PABE”) awards its scholarships at its annual Awards Banquet. This yearly dinner event gives the Polish-American community a chance to get together and meet and celebrate the newest scholarship winners. Scholarship winners, their parents, as well as a representative from their high school are always invited and expected to attend.

Entertaining Guest Speakers are also invited to give talks about issues pertaining to Polish-American society, or life in general. Please have a look at some past banquets to see what interesting events have been hosted.

Details and information about future, planned Scholarship Banquets will be posted on the main page.

2009 Banquet

The 64th Annual Scholarship banquet was held at the Reading Country Club on Sunday, April 19, 2009. We celebrated the Polish Constitution of May 3rd, 1391, the first democratic constitution in Europe and the second in the world only to the United State Constitution. Our guest speaker was Brigadier General John L. Gronski, Assistant Adjutant General to the Pennsylvania National Guard.

Ron Savitski, MaryAnne Zerkowski, and General Gronski

2007 Banquet

The 62nd Annual Scholarship banquet was held at the Reading Country Club on Sunday, April 22, 2007. Dr. Anne L. (Skoraszewski) Haage Stevens, chairman, president, and CEO of Carpenter Technology Corporation, was our special guest speaker.

Dr. Stevens

2006 Banquet

The 61st Annual Scholarship Banquet was held on Sunday, April 23rd 2006 at the Chat-a-While Inn, in Exeter.

A deserving young student recieves her scholarship from guest speaker, Senator Michael O' Pake.

Another PABE scholar receives his award from Mary Anne Zerkowski, PABE President.

2005 Banquet

The 60th Annual PABE Banquet was held at the Mountain Spring Association Building in Lower Alsace Township on Sunday April 17th, 2005.

The Kenny Blekicki Quartet, headed by Kenny Blekicki (nationally recognized Director of Music for the Fleetwood School District, and nephew of PABE member Frances Blekicki) provided wonderful musical entertainment.

2004 Banquet

The 59th annual PABE Banquet was held at the Cloister at St. Joseph’s on Sunday April 18th, 2004. The guest speaker was Paul A. Druzba, the Commercial Copywriter and Production Director for WEEU 830 AM. Paul is the author of NEVERSINK: Reading’s Other Mountain (The Resort Years: 1880-1930).

Paul A. Druzba, above, spoke about Reading and Berks County history

2003 Banquet

The 2003 banquet featured an eloquent speech by Pennsylvania State Senator Michael O’Pake, followed by an excellent violin concert by the 2003 Walter Bialas Scholarship winner, Laura T. Pucul.

Laura T. Pucul, above, displays her musical talents.

Senator O'Pake focuses on education and youth in PA District 11, which includes Berks County.

Invocation for the event was said by Revered Leo S. Stajkowski, and dinner music provided by Susan Szczesniak-Anastasio.

2002 Banquet

In 2002, a very lively and inspiring speech was given by the world-famous former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and current ESPN Sports Analyst, Ron Jaworski. Mr. Jaworski also generously donated funds to start a PABE scholarship (which will be given out for the first time this year) in honor of his father, William F. Jaworski.

From left to right, Mr. Ron Savitski (Scholarship Chairman), Mr. Ron Jaworski, and Mr. John Savitski at the 2002 PABE Scholarship Banquet.

Mr. Jaworski discusses his heritage with Ms. Mary Anne Zerkowski (PABE President) at the 2002 PABE Scholarship Banquet.

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