The Polish American Board of Education of Berks County will be awarding the following scholarships to senior students of Berks County high schools in March of 2015:

PABEBC 70th Anniversary Scholarship Award $5,000.00

The Walter Bialas Scholarship $5,000.00

Mary Oziemkiewicz Memorial Scholarship $4,000.00

Polish American Board of Education Scholarship $3,000.00

Polish American Citizens Political Assn. Scholarship $2,000.00

Dr. Edmund F. Gallman, Jr. Scholarship $1,000.00

Stella M. Hendel Scholarship $1,000.00

The Stanley B. Lewandowski Scholarship $1,000.00

John V. Nowotarski, Sr. Scholarship $1,000.00

The Polish Falcons Nest 964 Scholarship $1,000.00

Edmund and Mary Palka Scholarship $1,000.00

Leon and Stella Zerkowski Scholarship $1,000.00

Polish American Heritage Association Member Scholarship $1,000.00**

Application deadline is Saturday March 7, 2015. Forms are available here! See links above for rules and contact information also.

**For Polish American Heritage Association Member’s relatives who meet certain conditions for consideration.

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