$20,000.00 will be awarded in Spring 2014

The Walter Bialas Scholarship                                   $5,000.00

Mary Oziemkiewicz Memorial Scholarship                $4,000.00

Polish American Board of Education Scholarship      $3,000.00

Polish American Citizens Political Assn. Scholarship  $3,000.00

Dr. Edmund F. Gallman, Jr. Scholarship                  $1,000.00

Stella M. Hendel Scholarship                                      $1,000.00

Robert A. Levandowski Scholarship                       $1,000.00

Stanley B. Lewandowski Scholarship                      $1,000.00

Leon and Stella Zerkowski Scholarship                   $1,000.00

Scholarship application forms and guidelines will be available in the office of Guidance Counselors in all Berks County High Schools beginning Friday January 10, 2014 or on this web site.

Application forms are due NO LATER than Saturday, March 15, 2014 to the Scholarship Secretary.

The 2014 PABE scholarships will be awarded at the Annual PABE Scholarship Banquet to be held on Sunday, April  13, 2014 at the Reading Country Club in Exeter.


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