New Polish Music Site

Hey everyone. I cannot verify if this site is good or bad or what, but it seems legit to me. Here is an email I received from the owner:

Greetings from Polonia Music!

I am writing to introduce you to my new website,
A few months ago while playing the guitar, I decided I’d like to build a website that provided the chords and lyrics for the kolędy I enjoyed singing years ago as a choir boy at St. Stanislaus Parish in Buffalo, N.Y. I surmised there must be others who would enjoy picking and strumming our beautiful Polish melodies and possibly even performing them for their friends and family if they had the chords. From personal experience, I know this is a wonderful way to keep Polish music alive within families where the Polish language is no longer spoken and Polish traditions are slipping away.
Before I knew it, one thing led to another, and I found myself delving into other aspects of Polish music that I thought my own grandchildren should be aware of. is a work in progress and I am not an expert in anything. Certainly it is as yet far from being an exhaustive resource for anyone having even a casual interest in Polish music – but it’s a start, and from my point of view, an exciting adventure.
I welcome your input and, if you feel Polonia Music’s goals are consistent with yours, would welcome your forwarding this message and linking your organization’s website to mine. Some of you have already been kind enough to write me and express your support, and have provided much needed guidance. Thank you so very much.
Thank you also for taking the time to read this message. If you don’t know me, my photo is at the bottom of my website’s home page, so please say hello if you see me at any upcoming events.
Best wishes,
Bob Johnson
P.S. Please feel free to inform me of any events you would like promoted or listed on the Polonia Music Links/Events page.

As always with everything on the internet, buyer beware! Have a look, tell us what you think if you ever do business with him/them.

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